Ace Grease Stands Against Oil Theft

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What Is Oil Theft

Thieves are now targeting used cooking oil and grease, snatching the “liquid gold” right out of the user’s pocket. Oil theft results in lost revenue, totaling more than $40 million each year. Additionally, the containers sustain damage during the theft, costing more than $3 million.

Theft is steadily on the rise and sadly, many go unreported. How can you help cease the theft of oil? Follow these tips below:

  • Many times the thieves will NOT wear a uniform and drive an unmarked truck. Keep an eye out for such occurrences and report them to the police immediately.
  • If approached, thieves typically say that they are subcontractors. If this occurs, please contact us immediately at 1(800)473-2733 to confirm if they’re an Ace Grease subcontractor.
  • Most thieves do not act alone. Unlike Ace Grease, there will generally be two people in the thieves’ truck.
  • If you encounter an oil thief, please DO NOT approach them! Instead, write down their license plate number and immediately report it to the authorities.

Ace Grease is actively involved in theft prevention. We are at the forefront of theft prevention with our state-of-the-art locking and monitoring systems and educate others about how to spot a thief. If there is any oil theft convictions made at your location, we will donate $500 to you and $500 to Backstoppers to help grab the thief for good!

Learn more by calling us at (800) 473-2733!

Grease theft caught on surveillance.


Grease Theft On Camera

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