Filthy Grease Trap? We can help!


It is extremely important to keep fats, oils, and grease (FOG) out of the sanitary sewer system for environmental and public health reasons. That is why Ace Grease also specializes in cleaning grease traps as needed or on a schedule!

We can service any size of grease trap from a local restaurant to a large organization such as a hospital.

Most municipalities require regular cleaning, and we will work with you to generate a standard service schedule to keep your grease trap clean and compliant with local, state, and federal regulations. Maintaining a regular service schedule will keep your sewer system from backing up and causing you costly repairs. We keep your back of the house running smoothly so that there are no interruptions or lost revenue during your business hours.

Government agencies require proof of grease trap cleanings, and we offer those reports to our customers electronically within 24 hours of service. These compliance reports denote the condition of the trap and inform you if anything needs additional attention.

We also offer discounts for grease trap cleaning to our used cooking oil customers! When you bundle our used cooking oil services with our grease trap services, or any other service we provide, you are given discounts. You can also rest assure that 100% of the oil that is removed from your business will be recycled. You are making a difference in keeping the environment green and clean for the future generations!



Grease traps can be located either outside or inside a building and are often located inside beneath the sink or outside underground. It “traps” the grease as the kitchen wastewater flows through. The grease floats to the top and the sediment sinks to the bottom, allowing the “filtered” water to continue to the sewer line.

Outside Grease Trap

Inside Grease Trap

grease trap service


Ace Grease Service has specialized in grease trap cleanings since 1998. Our trap department is led by a team of professional drivers with 20+ years of specialized experience in the field.  Not only do we ensure top quality service, but AGS Trap Department is educated and up-to-date on all municipalities and city compliance regulations. With advanced technology, Ace Grease is able to email compliance reports and invoices immediately.

We care about your business!  That is why we promise topnotch service quality by taking before and after pictures for every trap cleaning.  You won’t have to worry about scheduling trap cleanings as our system recognizes, based on your frequency, when the trap is due.  All trap cleaning frequencies are based on your business’s needs. We are confident in our team’s ability to keep your trap in remarkable condition with our state-of-the-art equipment and knowledge of the industry.

Ace Grease Service prides ourselves on our competitive pricing and the ability to “bundle” multiple services to ensure your business saves money.


24 Hour Emergency Service: 1-800-GREASE3 (473-2733)

How Grease Traps Work