Used cooking oil thieves find new ways to hide in 2022

Tips for Discouraging Used Cooking Oil Theft

Used cooking oil theft is becoming a more common problem for businesses in the food industry. Thieves have learned that they can potentially make a small fortune if they can successfully steal cooking oil from fast food chains and restaurants. If you own such an establishment, it’s important to take the necessary steps to protect your grease from would-be thieves. Here are some things you should know about discouraging theft of your used cooking oil.

Understanding the Value of Used Cooking Oil

Used cooking oil is sometimes referred to as “liquid gold.” People who do not work in the food industry are often surprised to learn that used cooking oil can be quite valuable. Just as there is a market for stolen gold and scrap metal, there’s also a market for used oil in St Louis, MO. This oil can be used in bitumen-based products. It is also used for other industrial purposes, such as industrial burners and as an additive in manufactured products.

Many companies collect their used float to the top oil in grease traps. Then they hire companies to come out and perform grease trap cleaning services and take their used oils away. Companies are often paid for their used oil. But they also collect their used grease because they know grease traps prevent sewer lines from becoming clogged up with used oil.

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Why Used Cooking Oil Theft Is Rising

With inflation skyrocketing and showing no signs of coming back down, the value of used cooking oil is higher than it perhaps ever was before. Additionally, thieves are becoming more desperate to make more money to keep up with the rising cost of living. Many have their sights set on used cooking oil, which can be easy to steal if companies don’t take preventative steps to deter thieves in the first place.

Used cooking oil theft is not likely to go away anytime soon. If you haven’t been a victim of it yet, consider yourself fortunate. Many instances of grease theft go unreported, but it happens all the time. In addition to money lost from the theft of grease itself, companies could also look at millions of dollars in loss from damaged grease containers.

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Tips for Preventing Used Cooking Oil Theft

If you’re vigilant, you may be able to prevent the theft of used cooking oil. Here are some tips for deterring thieves and reducing your chances of becoming a victim of this lucrative form of thievery.

  • Understand that thieves rarely act alone. If you’re suspicious about someone potentially trying to steal your used oil, keep in mind that there’s probably an accomplice nearby as well.
  • Often, thieves drive in unmarked trucks and don’t wear uniforms. So if you see unauthorized people approaching your grease tank, notify the authorities.
  • Don’t attempt to confront an oil thief in action. These thieves can be brazen and dangerous. Instead, take photographs if you can, write down the thief’s license plate number, and call the police.
  • Realize that most thieves will try to come across as subcontractors who are supposed to pick up your used oil. Please contact us immediately if a thief claims to be a subcontractor for Ace Grease. We can quickly confirm if the person is, in fact, one of our subcontractors or if they are an imposter.
  • Make sure your used oil is secured in a heavy-duty tank that’s difficult to break into. Fortunately, those are the only types of tanks we offer here at Ace Grease.
  • Set up a camera so that it’s fixed in the area of your grease trap. Make sure the camera provides a clear enough picture to help identify any thieves who attempt to steal your used oil.

These steps can help you deter criminals from stealing your oil (or at least help the police identify them if they successfully steal your oil).

Get Help Preventing Used Cooking Oil Theft

Fortunately, Ace Grease is very active in used cooking oil theft prevention. Our leading-edge locking and monitoring systems are second-to-none. We also donate time and money to help prevent future used oil theft. If you’d like to learn more about how to prevent theft of your used cooking oil, contact us today.