Nearly 35 pounds of cooking oil is used a day per restaurant in the cooking industry. Imagine this number multiplied, day-by-day over the course of one year. Where does this oil go? Did you know that you can put this oil to good use and make the best out of the waste?

Firstly, many people are putting their used oil down their garbage disposal. This leads to clogged drains in your home or restaurant and throughout the sewer system. This means the blockage obstructs the flow of water, leading to a costly repair after the damage that oil can do.

By deposing of your oil with our used cooking oil recycling program, you can reduce the cost of cleanup efforts for your city. Not to mention, you can save your nose from the stench of disaster in your pipes and smell the sweet savings. You can also protect your employees, as improperly disposing of oil can result in burns or messes.

Renewable Energy gives your oil a second life. Cooking oil can be made into diesel and biodiesel fuel. This fuel can power diesel engines in trucks, public transportation, and farming equipment. Not only can oil do that, but it can even warm your home.

Aside from warming one’s home, the oil in biodiesel fuel reduces greenhouses gases from being emitted into the environment. We are able to prevent climate change for the future generations to come. It reduces the cost of biodiesel fuel and provides cleaner, more sustainable fuel for the cars to use.

Not only can oil create a better environment, but it helps local and national economies. It creates jobs through our company, and through kitchen positions throughout the Midwest.

Even though Ace Grease operates primarily though industrial kitchens, our tips can be thought about in your own home as well. Think about the amount of oil used per kitchen per day in your local town. The number is large, and the amount of waste will continue to grow.

There is a home for all the oil used in industrial kitchen’s all across the Midwest. This is where Ace Grease Service comes to your aid. Here, we have the knowledge and resources to safely dispose of your used cooking oil.

If your business has used cooking oil needing disposal, you can call us at 800-473-2733 or visit us online at www.acegrease.com to begin receiving top-dollar for your used cooking oil!