Indianapolis has plenty to offer its residents in the “Hoosier” state.

The city, commonly called “Indy”, is home to many great concert venues, inviting all styles of music. Right outside of the technical Midwest, it is the perfect distance from the east coast, so no one is ever too far from a coast line.

The population, growing closer to a million each year, currently resides at about 860,000 inhabitants.

The city encompasses marvelous architecture for guests and residents to enjoy alike. You can see the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument in the city center, often mocked up to be the city’s unofficial symbol. This monument documents the historic stance Indiana’s governor took during the American Civil War.

When Indy was first created, the Indiana General Assembly appointed two men to design and plan the city. The street names and layout make it that much easier for the average citizen or tourist to navigate.

Indianapolis is home to the infamous Colts and the Pacers. The limited teams may look slim in comparison to other big cities, but Indianapolis is full of heart and love for their teams. Each gather a large, loyal following.

Family fun activities include going to the Zoo, visiting the Children’s Museum or seeing the world’s largest auto racetrack, Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

If you are searching for a college to attend, look no further! Indianapolis is also home to many great schools, including Purdue University, University of Indianapolis, Butler University, and Marian University.

However, the biggest interest on our mind is the food scene within Indianapolis. The city is home to many types of cuisine, so no palette is too niche for this market. Some popular options are Café Patachou, Vida, Conner’s Kitchen + Bar, and Yolk. Where you eat depends on what you are in the mood for, and the options are endless! At Ace Grease, we are proud to service countless restaurants and businesses throughout Indy with our grease collection and grease trap cleaning services.


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