The holiday season is in full swing! The trees have been displayed, the lights are twinkling, and there’s a hint of magic in the air. In all the hustle and bustle, there are several small details that tend to slip. These details, though small, can have major impacts on your celebrations! To keep your holiday merry and bright, we’ve gathered some tips for you to remember this season.

O’ Christmas Tree

  • Make sure you buy a freshly cut tree so that it is not too dry! You can tell if the tree has started drying out if a lot of needles fall off after bouncing the trunk on the ground, the needles easily break off or the trunk isn’t sticky.
  • When deciding where to place your tree, place it at least three feet away from any heat source including fireplaces, vents and stoves.
  • Immediately place the tree in water once you get home. The tree needs to be watered every day and potentially multiple times a day.
  • Avoid smoking near your tree. It’s best not to risk any chance of flames near the tree.
  • Be aware that you can’t leave your tree up for too long. Any amount of time greater than two weeks will likely leave you with a very dry, dead looking tree.
  • When you notice your tree is drying out, dispose of it immediately. Check how your community disposes of dead trees. Most importantly, don’t try to burn the tree in your fireplace! (It happens…)

Twinkle Lights

  • Don’t overdo the light display. Be conscious of how many lights your outlets can take and remember to never string more than three strands of lights together.
  • Check every strand of lights for damages. Maybe even check them twice. If there are any frayed wires, missing bulbs or cracked sockets, do not use them!
  • Try to touch the wires every day to feel if there is a lot of warmth coming from them. If there is, you may have something wrong with your lights and they’ll need replaced.

Home Tips

  • If you’re leaving town, double check that you’ve locked everything up properly and ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye out.
  • Put lights inside and outside the house on timers when going out of town. That way it always looks like someone is home.
  • Test your smoke alarms to make sure they’re working in case something were to happen.

However you choose to celebrate, don’t stress over the details. Stop and enjoy the small moments with friends and family! Keep these tips in mind to ensure the safety of your household and guests. We at Ace Grease wish you good tidings, health and happiness this season!