Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? Many people have a love/hate relationship with resolutions, but some people benefit from the symbolism of starting fresh with the new year. However you view it, perhaps one of the best resolutions you could make for yourself and your household is to go green! We need to be more environmentally conscious now more than ever. Thankfully, there are several easy changes you can make in your day-to-day activities to live a greener life.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…

Think about adding a fourth “R” to this familiar saying, refuse. There is a lot of excess waste we are offered or use during the day that can easily be refused. For example, the plastic produce bags at groceries stores can be refused and replaced with a reusable nylon bag. The same goes for the plastic shopping bags at the check out. Refuse the freebies that some businesses hand out. If you aren’t going to use the pens, frisbees and other promotional products that businesses so often hand, kindly do not accept them.

Ditch the Single Use Items

Stop buying single-use cups and start buying reusable cups! Find a nice water bottle to take with you and simply refill when empty. You will eliminate so much waste by doing this! The same goes for coffee cups. If you frequently visit your local coffee shop, bring your own cup along. Many places even offer some type of discount if you bring your own cup instead of buying a single-use cup. Maybe even consider carrying a reusable straw and silverware set with you if you are eating and drinking on the go often. You can find these items fairly cheap, and they’re easy to clean!

Cut Back the Electricity Bill

Did you know leaving your electronics plugged in even if they aren’t turned on uses up energy? It’s called phantom energy and it may result in you going through much more energy than you even realize. Try unplugging appliances when they aren’t in use to reduce your energy usage and save on your electricity bill.

Sub Dish Towels for Paper Towels

Try to use fewer paper towels by keeping dish towels handy in the kitchen. Use the dish towels for drying hands and dishes instead of using paper towels every time you wash your hands or a dirty dish. You can also designate some older rags to use for cleaning up spills and messes rather than paper towels. Also, consider switching to cloth napkins instead of paper napkins at the dinner table.

These are all simple changes individuals can make to reduce the amount of waste being created. If you are a restaurant owner, you may be wondering what your restaurant can do to be more environment friendly. Luckily, Ace Grease has made it easy for restaurants to reduce the waste they produce! We offer waste water management and used cooking oil recycling as green alternatives to our customers.

Waste Water Hauling

Conserving and recycling is one of our top priorities at Ace Grease. We collect, treat and recycle waste water from our clients to make the environment a little greener. After the water has been treated and recycled, it is returned to the water supply. This water would have been completely removed from the water supply had we not collected it. We will work with your business to create a complete waste water management strategy that includes routine, scheduled pickups and the proper documentation to meet environmental regulations.

Used Cooking Oil Recycling

We are committed to keeping your kitchen and corral clean by collecting and recycling your used cooking oil. We can handle grease collection from inside grease containers, as well as outside grease containers. We will collect from your existing system, or provide you with durable, dependable containers free of charge. We know the condition of our containers and will provide frequent inspections of the sites we service. We can ensure you will be paid top dollar for your used cooking oil.

To ensure your kitchen is operating as green as possible, set up an appointment with Ace Grease today! We can work out a plan that is the most beneficial for you, your kitchen and the environment. Visit acegrease.com or call (800) 473-2733.