A dark alley filled with trash dumpsters and bins for used cooking oil – it’s the last place you’d expect thieves to steal something of significant value, but you’d be wrong. Grease theft is on the rise. The hunt for sustainable fuels to end dependency for U.S. energy has turned this yellow liquid from useless to extremely valuable, not to mention profitable.

One truckload of the liquid gold can garner up to $600. It’s no wonder that grease has become such a hot commodity. When grease is stolen, it financially hurts both the business owner and the recycling agency that is contracted to collect it. In fact, it’s estimated that $40 million is lost in revenue each year due to oil theft.

Ace Grease is taking a proactive stance and fighting back. We use theft deterrent containers with state-of-the-art locking and monitoring systems. Ace Grease strives for theft prevention by working hard to educate business owners how to spot a thief. We also work closely with law enforcement agencies, informing them of the value of grease and keeping them up-to-date with intelligence bulletins. Ace Grease takes it one step further. We have private investigators on staff and offer rewards for tips to catch grease thieves.

Grease thieves will sometimes dress in “uniform” and state that they are a subcontractor for your oil collection agency. However, if they are in fact thieves, they will not be able to provide the proper paperwork. Try to avoid approaching a grease thief and contact your local law enforcement agency instead.  If there is any oil theft convictions made at your location, we will donate $500 to you and $500 to Backstoppers to help grab the thief for good!

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